Verve Fashion Shows

       In a parody of awards ceremonies and the citations, certificates and trophies which Amanda Mehl says, defines our society, Amehl presented her AW18 line in a storefront converted into a performance space with mock red carpet and her eclectic line worn by all contenders.

        Amanda Mehl is ambitious with her ideas and her intents. Her line is surprisingly wearable and the details of each piece fits a combination of downtown chic and details that aren’t as ironic as the performances she produces.

        Metallic foiled fabric in cocktail dresses, fringed or lace edged, the pieces are all well done. Other combinations suggest cheerleaders, Star Trek , beauty pagents and fabrics used for wall hangings. The wit and references are unavoidable, but each piece is a done well. And many of the items would go over well at Comic Con.

– Phillip Wong –