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Candice Cuoco   Danny Nguyen   Willfredo Gerardo
Verve Fashion Shows

          Candice Cuoco has shown globally and has appeared in television competitions. Her presentation is bold, provocative and assured. Using veils like Mardi Gras masks and she uses leather strapping and collars that have a fetish feel. But Cuoco’s sensibilities are complex, a liberal use of leather based pieces and printed fabric layers, with the floral suggestions of Aubrey Beardsley sketches or an Oscar Wilde tale, her work has an 1890s or 1980s cultured ennui. While the apparel industry represents designers as unique individuals while trying to sell hundreds and thousands of units, Cuoco refers Betty Page, Patricia Field in a highly stylized line which demands attitude and assurance for a woman to wear.Cuoco designs for blatant décor but always an underlying sexuality.

           Danny Nguyen is bold, direct and distinctive. His mustache reminds us of Salvador Dali, but his line has a stronger men’s side than women’s.His women’s line uses body conforming pieces with beautiful flowing iridescent fabrics to frame the figure. The men’s line uses a wider range of fabrications,colors and textures on blazers, and trousers that radiate both elegance (which can also be seen in his women’s line) and wit.

          Willfredo Gerardo designs for mermaids. With Hollywood-inspired form-fitting dresses in aquamarine exaggerated dropped sleeves, flowing trails and plunging necklines, his work is made for runways and red carpets. Coming from North Hollywood, you can see references in his transparent body shapes, the workmanship of sequins, filigree and iridescence, to Bob Mackie, and earlier, Adrian, Travis Banton and EdithHead.

– Phillip Wong –