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The Charles and Ron line is referred to as a “lifestyle” brand. Wearable, fluid, colorful, it reflects an Afro-Mediterranean sensibility of their Maltese origins. There is a distinct awareness of accessorizing their caftans, tunics and shifts with matching belts and handbags. While Malta is considered a part of Europe, it’s history and location has strong North African and Roman roots. Charles and Ron’s color combination are much closer in alignment in color to Africa and in design to the warmer climates of flowing, open garments in blocky shapes that are pulled into shape by their accessories.

  • hillip Wong –

Fernando Alberto is designs in Los Angeles, produces in Mexico and Spain and is a third generation fashion designer. Although he has a deep background in fashion, his designs, choice of textiles and prints ielegant, modern and bold at the same time. He has an understanding of how tmix boldness with subtlety, how to use complex prints in specific shapes anwhen not to.

His background is reflected through his prism of nuance and taste. There is bold, unapologetic sexiness coupled with diaphanous subtle statement. The choice of religious iconography printed on some the textiles is both referential to his style and a historical context.

– Phillip Wong –

Domingo Zapata isn’t a fashion designer, but his artistry has been on display globally and his association with the AIDS Healthcare Foundation gave a presentation of original graffiti-like work on naked bodies, pieces of clothing and a wide range of participants. In an overt reaction to the Trumpian call for nationalism and xenophobia, men in gowns, kids, men and women in underwear, a pregnant woman, people of all sexual preferences and gender
identification, all with inclusive messages painted by Zapata, were met with
standing ovations and cries of welcome and support.

-Phillip Wong –