Art Hearts Fashion

Lily Marotto   Eva Habashi    A Modo Mio

Verve Fashion Shows

          Lily Marotto’s line, shown at Art Hearts group shows emphasized beautiful prints and custom printed fabrics. A wide range of themes featuring dancers and skaters, goddesses and varying exotic birds, the line suggests a complexity blending shape of each dress working with the artwork or print designated for that item.

          Lily Marotto has lived and worked in Paris, London, Milan and New York, Her eclectic interests are reflected in the artists she collaborates with.

          Egyptian designer Eva Habashi uses different items on a small line that has classic forms, but a mix of lace and tulle to create wider skirting, a softer, see-through feel and molded breastplates that create strong defined shapes and sometimes suggest Roman military forms. Some of the gowns and cocktail dresses have a traditional feel that contrasts.

           A Modo Mio is a Colombian line designed by Francesca Sesana.Her line is a mix of textures and layers with transparent skirts and overlaying jackets or tops. Every piece seems to show a combination of flamboyant street sense with daring laces, tulles or mesh layers. She uses floral patterns, camo, denim and leather jackets that establish boldness.

– Phillip Wong –