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Verve Fashion Shows

          Mac Duggal once again showcased a collection worthy of a praise during the Art Heart NYFW 2018. Following his strong presence from last season, Mac Duggal integrated a message of inclusion and body positivity with his Spring/Summer 2018 collection. The runway was embellished with dresses elaborate in details and bold hues of different shades. There were asymmetric cuts and implementations of lace, beadings, fringe, and more perfectly accentuating the body of the models. This dramatization of details complemented the moody setting inside the gothic synagogue in which sat a sea of a star-studded audience. Amidst the crowd however, the combination of plus size models and regular models who carried the looks seemed to be the biggest stars of them all.


          The variety is what first propelled Mac Duggal into becoming a fan favorite for wearable dresses. Dresses and models on the runway showed a fuse of positivity and regularity that should be more commonly implemented in current runways. With this collection pursuing a controversial topic, it seems that Mac Duggal successfully exhibited the many ways glamour can be displayed, not only on the dresses but also for the wearer.                                      

-Leanna Franco-

          A depiction of elegance and intricacy, Lulu Harazin brought a piece of her roots to stun the audience in Angel Orensanz Center. For her Spring/Summer 2018 collection, Lulu Harazin focused on haute couture and kaftans, which were a huge trend of the past. In the mid-19th century, kaftans emerged in full storm, taking over many Vogue covers with high-fashion houses such as Christian Dior and Halston. These adaptations heightened the interest in the exotic prints and embellishments as well as the loose-fitting shapes during the time. Fast forward to the 21st century, kaftans are back exuding the ultimate Bohemian grace with embellishments glistening with every step.


          Lulu Harazin’s collection showcases these familiar styles while also putting haute couture on the forefront. Using fabrics and materials from all over the world, Harazin was able to create patterns of eastern influences to walk alongside western silhouettes in perfect harmony.

– Leanna Franco –

Lisa Thon is one of the established fashion designers designing in Puerto Rico (Stella Nolasco is another), but Thon has been showing in New York since 2006 and she was well received with her hippie (or bohemian) prints and oversized hats giving an island sensibility to her collection.


   This collection was about comfort and flow, reflecting a culture of island rather than the ice of winter. Some of the more interesting embellishments were long fringe coming from the shoulders of one dress, print belts on solid colored dresses, and dresses and tops created from ties sewn together in strips.

Bright colored faux fur coats layered over gauzy, light dresses and brightly patterned one piece shapes. Easy to see, easy to wear, and well received.  


– Phillip Wong –

The Weiling Chang collection at Art Hearts is beautifully designed but a curious mix. All pieces had an elegance, but classic business wear, along with evening, jumpers, strappy tops with a suggestion of fetish, were exhibited with motorcycle jackets, trench coats, and waist coats.

   While the placement of all these pieces was curious, the styling works with each outfit and it struck me that small designers are only able to show a piece or two at a time – while their creativity and thoughtfulness of design wants to do much more. 


– Phillip Wong –