Art Hearts Fashion

Verve Fashion Shows

Just as each designer approaches the design and fashion
industry (and their own businesses) differently, group showings are approached
by the show producers differently.

Some want to benefit the fashion industry (and industries that go along with it), while others just want to make money by having a show that they don’t have to pay for. The fact is, a fashion line launch can be astronomical for a small
designer. But it can also be an efficient way to introduce a line to press, and might be the only way a designer’s line can be seen.

Producers like Kelly Cutrone’s People’s Revolution and the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers (CAAFD), curate the work of designers and try to show lines that are distinctive, different and producible. Other designers showing with Art Hearts Fashion, The Society Fashion Week, and the Social Network’s Underground Fashion reach a combination of consumers and press.

Verve Fashion Magazine tries to see as much as possible to get new and emerging and transitional lines on our radar.

There are also questions of “What is Fashion?” and “What is Art?” and we’ll discuss that the same way The Food Network expanded the concept of food, diversity, differences and how they impacted the food industry. Food isn’t just packaged food in the frozen food section, but has expanded geometrically to encompass a wide variety of access points, distributions, taste and health interests, economic and grower’s limitations.

Our interest is in the highest of the high-end iconic design houses, but we are interested both in design and accessibility to a global market.

So our fashion looks is a mix of design and shill. This was our approach to group shows.

– Phillip Wong –