There is a school of thought, that there are certain topics that should be avoided to reduce conflict, and the possibility (in the commercial world), of losing revenue to customers who may not agree with you.      


          If they are opinions without thought, I would agree. But opinions, thoughtful and articulate, researched or known, are needed. Simply put: NO ONE gets smarter, more intelligent, or more informed, without thinking. And the less we think, and more we react, without thinking, the further we are from where we need to go.      


          Thoughtful opinion broadens and deepens our audience. It makes us significant when triteness and insincerity are long gone. We do not need more words and images: we need words and images of significance.  (Just as we don’t need to eat more, we need more nutrition.) We don’t get there by avoiding opinion. We get there by elevating what we see, where we go and what we do.