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          Style Fashion Week is a producer of fashion events that landed in New York, but travels to Los Angeles, Palm Springs, Las Vegas, Miami and Dubai. Their overall goal is to produce events, with the participating designers as incidental to the shows.

            At their Underground event, they featured Chicago Playground, Shay Kawaii (swimwear), H33M and Dertbag and was billed as a streetwear presentation.

          The venue and presentation was impactful, but with an evening audience ready for a club setting, only the designers were serious about the showing.

           Street Fashion holds a particular place in the apparel industry. Sold mostly through affordable and lower price point outlets, they are produced in the greatest quantity in the apparel business. They attempt to capture thehearts, minds and attentions of the young and often, most impatient andenigmatic of audiences.

           But the phrases, thoughts and focuses of youth can be fiery, profane and provocative – all things that production corporations trying to gain the greatest sales volumes are trying to avoid.

            Street fashion that avoids provocation, often has no place to go.           They will not get noticed or influencers or a point of view. Their buyers will be price-point shoppers influenced primarily by low prices.

          Streetwear, like all fashion, still has a thread weaving through the line. Unravel, or John Elliot, Malatesta and Born Dead. Their strength is in either the style mix or graphics rather than sales.

– Phillip Wong –

Chicago Playground


Shay Kawaii